I'm a Film Post-production all-rounder currently based in Barcelona.

Driven by a passion for experimenting with moving images since I was a kid, I work on the manipulation of digital film in all its formats, focusing my practice in Color Grading, Visual Effects and Animation.

I had the privilege to collaborate with several talented artists, being featured in beautiful films such as Tamer El Said´s In The Last Days Of The City, Filipa Cesar´s Spell Reel and the recently selected slovenian entry for the 2018 Academy Awards Hanna Slak's The Miner.

In my spare time I am either working on my personal projects, hanging out with my loved ones or climbing a wall.

If you want to work with me, or just say hi, you can contact me. I will be happy to hear from you.



MESA CURANDERA, directed by Louidgi Beltrame. Colorist

LABOUR POWER PLANT, directed by Robert Schlicht & Romana Schmalisch. Colorist

EL MERAYA, directed by Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius. Colorist

DER JUNGE IM KAROHEMD, directed by Aleksandra Odic. Colorist

TODAS ÍBAMOS A SER REINAS, directed by Ana Catalá. Colorist

ARRITXULO ATERPETXEA eta TXIRIBUELTA, with Maite Rosende. Concept, Animator

SUNSTONE, directed by Filipa Cesar & Louis Henderson. Colorist


REGARDE PAR ICI,...UND DORT DIE PUSCHKINALLEE, directed by Maya Schweizer. Colorist

CORAJE, directed by Janina Möbius. Colorist, VFX

DIE ABREISE, directed by Milan Bath. Colorist

RESISTANCE, directed by Laurence Favré. Colorist

GOOD LUCK, directed by Ben Russell. Colorist

HISTORY LESSONS BY COMPARISON, directed by Luisa Greenfield. Editor

A SEPARATE REALITY, directed by Cyrill Lachauer. Colorist

A TALL TALE, directed by Maya Schweizer. Colorist

SANS LUNE, directed by Sophie Watzlawick. Colorist

KITSUNE-BI MATERIAL, directed by Elise Florenty & Marcel Turkowsky. Colorist

SHADOW MACHINE, directed by Elise Florenty & Marcel Turkowsky. Colorist

CONVERSATION WITH A CACTUS, by Elise Florenty & Marcel Turkowsky. Colorist

BYE BYE DEUTSCHLAND! EINE LEBENSMELODIE, by Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca. Colorist

RUDAR, directed by Hanna Slak. Colorist

SPELL REEL, directed by Filipa Cesar. Colorist

KINESKI ZID, directed by Aleksandra Odic. Colorist


HEY JETMAN´s "The Orbiter" music video, by Consuelo Guijarro Ricón & Alec Barth. Colorist

SARAJEVO SONGS OF WOE, directed by Fred Kelemen. Colorist

IN THE LAST DAYS OF THE CITY, directed by Tamer El Said. VFX, Compositing

SIGN SPACE, directed by Hila Peleg. Colorist

MUITO ROMÂNTICO, directed by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn. Colorist

AUS WESTLICHEN RICHTUNGEN, directed by Juliane Heinrich. Colorist


SOLON, directed by Clarissa Campolina. Colorist, VFX

ENSA PROJEKT, written by Hannah Stockmann, illustrated by Eva Nerea Álvarez. Animator

POINT OF NO RETURN, directed by Antje Engelmann. Colorist

REMANESCENTES, directed by Raphaël Grisey. Colorist

MEETING SUPERMAN, directed by Hannah Stockmann. VFX


FACE B, directed by Leila Albayaty. Colorist

ROSHMIA, directed by Salim Abu Jabal. Colorist


JOHN BERKHOUT's “Short Necked Giraffe” music video. DoP, Editor, Post.

THE CHILDREN OF UZAÏ, AntiNarcissus, directed by Mireille Kassar. Colorist, VFX


JOHN BERKHOUT's “The Path” music video. Writer, DoP, Editor.

JOHN BERKHOUT's “Cinematic” music video. Editor.

THE DISPOSITIVES' “Let the Lord Delight Me With a Sign" music video. DoP, Editor, Animation


TARANTELLA, directed by Unai Rosende & Aitor Auzmendi. Director, Animator

OJODELATA, directed by Unai Rosende, Director, Animator

ARTEROS, directed by Julen Robles. Editor.

GALLINERO ALL STARS “El baile del pollo” music video. Creative, DoP, Editor