Muito Romantico

Digital Colorist

Muito Romântico

Feature | DCP | 2K - 1.33 | 8 mm | Color | 72min | Brazil, Germany | 2016

Director:Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn

DOP: Ville Piippo

Production: Distruktur

Post Production Coordinator:Michel Balagué

The adventure of Melissa and Gustavo starts aboard a red cargo ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. It takes them to Berlin, a city of constant movement, where the old has to give space to the new. The couple finds a home and transforms it into the center of their own universe. As time passes and seasons change, life and cinema become one and their room becomes an ever-changing stage, where friends are invited to play their own roles. In this state of transition Melissa and Gustavo lose sight of their path and their world starts to tremble. Until one day a cosmic portal appears in their home opening connections between the past, the present and the future, confronting the two travelers with extraordinary discoveries. MUITO ROMÂNTICO is a stream that carries along hearts and minds. A playful rearrangement of experiences, memories and fantasies into a journey transcending space and time.

MUITO ROMÂNTICO had it's World Premiere at the Forum Expanded section at Berlinale 2016 and is still traveling around the world in many festivals.

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Muito Romantico
Muito Romantico
Muito Romantico